Ashoka Systems Change Masterclass

March 2022. In-depth online course on strategies for systems change. Based on a framework that Olga Shirobokova and I have developed. Available on English, Spanish, and French. Produced together with a larger team.

  • Module 1: Learn What Systems Change is and Why it Matters
  • Module 2: Analyse Your Systemic Root Causes
  • Module 3: Find your Targeted Systems Change Goal
  • Modules 4-5: Tell the Story of your Systems Change Strategy
  • Module 6: Rethink Partnerships
  • Module 7: Reflect on Leadership Qualities for Systems Change
  • Module 8: Explore Funding Options
  • Module 9: Module 9: Evaluate Systems Change

October 2019. Introduction to systems change with videos and exercises. Together with Reem Rahman.

July 2022. German adaptation of in the form of a short online course by Phineo: "Systemisch Wirken"