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Start using AI for good

I help organizations in the social sector get started on their AI journey. From their first AI applications to their initial Ethics guidelines. If you want to use AI effectively and responsibly, you have to play with the technology. So stop talking and start prototyping!

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You want to use AI but don't know where to start.

Initially, we only need three things: non-critical tasks to accelerate, an AI tinkerer (no coding skills required), and some Ethics guidelines. I started an AI team at an NGO that isn't digital-first (or even digital-second). If they can do it, so can you!

You don't want to lose any more time.

We will develop your first AI prototype within 8 weeks. With the Ashoka AI Lab, I have been doing this dozens of times. It's much easier than you think.

You heard about the risks and don't want to make mistakes.

We will start with AI applications that avoid the most common risks. We will improve non-critical processes using non-sensitive data with applications that only your team has access to.

How it works

1) Assemble your team

Find at least 2 people to develop the strategy with you. Include whoever ultimately decides about the next steps of your venture or initiative. Make sure that every member of the team is available for at least 5 hours per week over a course of 7 weeks.

2) Reflect and discuss

Each week, your team does research and exercises, which we discuss in a conference call. You don't need to know any systems thinking concepts. After 7 weeks, we will have selected a systems change goal and identified tangible milestones toward that goal.

3) Act, learn, repeat

Act on that strategy, learn, and repeat the process after a year or two. Chances are that after the first time, you don't even need me anymore.

Code for All Summit 2023. Conversation with social entrepreneur Jacek Siadkowski on how I started the AI Lab at Ashoka.

Article in Social Innovations Journal about my approach to adopting AI in a responsible way: "Start Tinkering Before Building - Early Lessons from Ashoka's AI Lab".