Odin Mühlenbein


I am a consultant and entrepreneur in the social sector. Before, I studied philosophy and worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.

I love working with people who are passionate about social change. The purpose of this website is to find out if we could do something together.

I hope we will!

Ashoka Globalizer

Ashoka Globalizer

I work as a consultant for Ashoka Globalizer. Ashoka is the world’s largest network of leading social entrepreneurs, with over 3,000 Fellows in over 80 countries. Globalizer is an international accelerator program that challenges and refines the scaling strategies of Ashoka Fellows. Ashoka Globalizer tries to avoid what many other accelerators do by default: helping organizations to grow. Instead, we help social entrepreneurs to open up and to spread their models as fast as possible.

You want to …

support social entrepreneurs

as an advisor, with your network, as an investor, or in any other way?

I can

help you find a social entrepreneur who could benefit from your engagement, and connect you with other members of Ashoka who might have additional leads.

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do research

on scaling social impact in particular or social entrepreneurship in general?

I can

help you specify your research question (if it's about scaling); connect you with interesting people in the sector; or even include you in one of my own knowledge projects.

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engage as a company

e.g. by partnering with social entrepreneurs or working with Ashoka?

I can

help you refine or even come up with ideas that fit to your organization, and connect you with people in Ashoka who are responsible for corporate partnerships.

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Social Entrepreneurship

I am always looking for new ideas for social ventures — and for people who are passionate about them!

Companies that I co-founded

Building Pioneers


Building Pioneers is a social enterprise that aims to create a market for cheap and sustainably produced building materials in Bangladesh.



clicks4charity is an online fundraising and marketing platform. It started as a student-run social venture. Since 2011, it has been run by our successors with full-time employees.

Meier & Mühlenbein Internet Services


M&M Internet Services offered webdesign and hosting solutions. We founded the company at the age of 15 and stopped it in 2010 to concentrate on our studies.

You …

have an Idea

for a social venture that you would like to implement?

I can

discuss the idea with you (I love doing that!), get you in touch with other social entrepreneurs, and help you figure out what your next steps might be.

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want to start a social venture

but lack an idea to get going?

I can

tell you about my ideas for new social ventures. You can do with them whatever you like. They come free of charge and without any obligations.

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work in affordable housing

and want to connect with other practitioners in the field?

I can

share the experiences of Building Pioneers and connect you with our partners -- both local (Bangladesh) and international.

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Social Impact Consulting

For social businesses, not-for-profit social ventures, and companies with social initiatives

As a member of Ashoka, a former management consultant and a social entrepreneur, I bring a unique set of skills and perspectives to the table:

Ashoka Globalizer

Doing good

My thinking around social entrepreneurship is inspired by one of the leading organizations in the field. I am confident that I can push your thinking when it comes to “doing good”.

At Ashoka, I learned to always aim for social change on a system level, and that the impact that you enable others to have can be much more powerful than the direct impact that you have yourself.

As a consultant for Ashoka Globalizer, I have been supervising numerous advisory teams to develop scaling strategies for social entrepreneurs from around the world. I am also the author of the toolkit that guides teams through the strategizing process.

McKinsey & Company

Doing well

I was a management consultant and know the tools of the trade. These tools are invaluable when it comes to “doing well”.

At McKinsey, I learned that the most successful organizations today make decisions based on sophisticated models that are backed by empirical data, and that they keep experimenting to improve on an ongoing basis.

During my time at the firm, I conducted strategic and financial analyses, developed workshop formats, and presented my work to high-level executives at major companies and institutions in different sectors and industries.

Building Pioneers

Practical experience

I have founded and worked for social ventures myself. My advice is grounded in practical experiences.

Small and medium-sized social ventures: I know that you are incredibly agile, but you also have to juggle a dozen important things at once; you do not always have the resources you want; and your priorities can change at any time. I make sure that the advisory process reflects these realities.

Social intrapreneurs in companies: I can bring you the perspective of a social entrepreneur who has also worked for companies on large transformation projects. What better background to help you establish a culture of social intrapreneurship in your company?

You want to …


a social venture or a social initiative in your company and want to make sure that all the basics are in place?

I can

help you define what exactly you want to change in society; define a proper theory of change; and find an operating model and business model that works for you.

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your outputs, outcomes and social impact?

I can

help you develop an evaluation system that is integrated into your regular activities -- both for monitoring purposes and to measure the social impact of your program.

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your approach and your processes on an ongoing basis?

I can

help you establish in your organization the culture and the skills that you need to get started with lean management and lean experimentation.

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and want to make sure that you use the most efficient way to achieve your Vision?

I can

assess your scaling readiness; help you identify the most efficient scaling pathway to achieve your Vision; and work out an implementation plan.

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Ashoka Globalizer

Consultant, Ashoka Germany
Since November 2014

  • Supervised a number of advisory teams to develop scaling strategies for advanced social entrepreneurs, covering social ventures from four continents
  • Developed a toolkit that structures the advisory process and provides guidance to advisory teams
  • Conducted an evaluation study covering the first five years of the Globalizer program


Social Impact Consultant
Since May 2014

I support social ventures in the following areas:

  • Impact models and scaling strategies
  • Monitoring and impact measurement
  • Lean experimentation and lean management
McKinsey & Company

Fellow, McKinsey & Company
October 2012 – April 2014

  • Developed financial models to calculate how certain scenarios for the global insurance industry will impact insurance carriers
  • Managed and improved upon a financial tracking system for a multi-billion euro cost reduction program
  • Developed games and trainings to support an agile development culture at the client
  • Developed team dashboards for senior executives in the context of a lean transformation project
  • Developed a client-specific transformation management tool

Boston Consulting Group

Visiting Associate, The Boston Consulting Group
April 2009 – June 2009

Developed an online-marketing strategy for a white goods manufacturer

See the companies that I co-founded here.
University of Cambridge

MPhil in Philosophy, University of Cambridge
2009 – 2012

LMU Munich

M.Phil. in Philosophy of Science, Logic, and Philosophy LMU Munich
2004 – 2008

LMU Munich

M.A. in Political Sciences, LMU Munich
2005 – 2009

University of Oxford

Visiting student, University of Oxford
2006 – 2007

During my studies, I was supported by

Bayerische EliteAkademie

Bavarian EliteAcademy

German Merit Foundation

German Merit Foundation

Konrad-Adenauer Foundation

Konrad-Adenauer Foundation

Darwin College

Darwin College (University of Cambridge)

Boxgirls - CamP Group

Member of the Advisory Board, CamP Group
CamP Group is a social think-and-do tank. The two flagship programmes are Boxgirls and RespAct.


Member of the jury, startsocial
startsocial is a national social venture competition.

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