Interview at podcast “Impact Boom”

on the topic “How To Create System Change As A Social Entrepreneur?”

June 2018

Interview at podcast “Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs”

We talk about system change, the qualities of systems entrepreneurs, funding systemic initiatives, and how to avoid unintended consequences.

May 2018


Systems Change—Big or Small?

To tap the full potential of a systems change approach, we should not limit our thinking to large, transformational changes. We should also include smaller, more targeted changes.

5th of February, 2018


Über Mopp und Eimer
(On Mops and Buckets)

Ambition, attitude, and way of thinking of successful systems entrepreneurs.

Only available in German. Publication in English is planned soon.

26th of July, 2017

Social Innovation Summit Stuttgart

Social Innovation Summit Stuttgart
Panel “System Change – Going Beyond Symptoms”

Together with Katherine Milligan (Head of Schwab Foundation) and Markus Sauerhammer (Chairman at the German Social Entrepreneurship Network).

There is also a video recording of the session.

9th of March, 2018

Berliner Stiftungstag

Berliner Stiftungstag
Panel “Knappe Ressourcen in maximale Wirkung investieren” (“investing limited resources in maximum impact”)

Together with Jan Wulf-Schnabel (CEO and Founder of Institut für Inklusive Bildung) and his team.

17th of November, 2017

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