Ashoka Globalizer

Ashoka Globalizer

Ashoka is the world’s largest network of leading social entrepreneurs, with over 3,000 Fellows in over 80 countries. Globalizer is an international accelerator program that challenges and refines the scaling strategies of advanced social entrepreneurs. In particular, we look at which systems these entrepreneurs want to change and in exactly what way.

Thought Partner

As a member of Ashoka, a former management consultant and a social entrepreneur, I bring a unique set of skills and perspectives to the table:

Ashoka Globalizer

Doing good

My thinking around social entrepreneurship is inspired by one of the leading organizations in the field. I am confident that I can push your thinking when it comes to “doing good”.

At Ashoka, we aim to achieve system changes — both ourselves and in our work with Ashoka Fellows. As a project manager for Ashoka Globalizer, I have been supervising numerous teams who developed strategies for system change with leading social entrepreneurs from around the world.

McKinsey & Company

Doing well

I was a management consultant and know the tools of the trade. These tools are invaluable when it comes to “doing well”.

At McKinsey, I learned that the most successful organizations today make decisions based on sophisticated models that are backed by empirical data, and that they keep experimenting to improve on an ongoing basis. I believe that these and other principles from the business world can be applied to social sector organizations as well.

Building Pioneers

Practical experience

I have founded and worked for social ventures myself. My knowledge is grounded in practical experiences.

I know that social ventures have to juggle a dozen important things at once, and that priorities can change at any time. I make sure that my thought partnership reflects these realities.

Member of the Advisory Board

In addition to Building Pioneers, I am also on the advisory board of CamP Group, an international think-and-do tank led by Prof. Cameron that specializes on sports, development, and gender based violence.

I try to fulfill this role in a slightly unconventional way by representing the “interests” of social impact.

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Member of the jury

I have to provide professional feedback on social ventures on a regular basis, from low-threshold competitions like startsocial and Social Impact Start up to Ashoka Fellowships and the Google Impact Challenge.

In this role, I usually focus on two aspects that tend to be under-represented in these contexts: potential for system change (over and above positive outcomes for individual beneficiaries) and empirical evidence for impact.


I write articles and develop tools around systems change and scaling impact.

See the page Resources for more information.

Social Entrepreneur

I am always looking for new ideas for social ventures — and for people who are passionate about them! Here are the companies that I co-founded so far:

Building Pioneers


Building Pioneers is a social enterprise that aims to create a market for cheap and sustainably produced building materials in Bangladesh.

Awards include: Winner of enorm (national social venture competition), Finalist of Risk Award (UNISDR and Munich Re Foundation), and Social Impact Start (stipend).



clicks4charity is an online fundraising and marketing platform. It started as a student-run social venture. Since 2011, it has been run by our successors with full-time employees.

Awards include: Finalist start2grow, Finalist startsocial and Leuchtturm (national social venture and start-up competitions).

Meier & Mühlenbein Internet Services


M&M Internet Services offered webdesign and hosting solutions. We founded the company at the age of 15 and stopped it in 2010 to concentrate on our studies.

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